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Raised with children of all ages our dogs are kid tested and family approved. We strive to breed healthy, well rounded puppies to give them the best start possible!

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Sometimes we don't have what you are looking for or our litters whelp dates don't match up with your needs.  Below is a link to a reputable breeder friend of ours.  All three of our females came from her breeding program.

A Lehigh Valley breeder

All our dogs have been chosen for temperament and health. Goldendoodles are a highly intelligent breed that love to be with their people and are a great family pet. Contact us today to see if one of our fur babies would be a right fit for your family.

Located in Fogelsville Pennsylvania we are breeders of Teddy Bear F1 & F1b Goldendoodles.

  Blue Mountain Goldendoodles

We are a very small family business that raises all our dogs and puppies in the comfort of our home.  Our dogs are very much an every day part of our family and we wouldn't have it any other way!